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Living In Riverdale

Riverdale has long been the quintessential single-family neighbourhood of Cornwall. Featuring three separate districts meshed together as one, Riverdale is a favourite for that perfect family-friendly lifestyle many desire. The mature trees throughout the area provide ample canopy and coverage for an afternoon walk and provide a distinct feel from other Cornwall neighbourhoods.

The area stretches for a few square kilometres directly west of Cornwall’s new international bridge, Sports Complex and main throughway (Brookdale Ave). Access to Riverdale is quick and easy and is so close to centre-town that it does not qualify as a commute.

In the east of Riverdale is a collection of homes and streets known locally as Dover Heights. The older section of Riverdale is noticeable by the incredibly large and mature trees located on almost every lot. Single-family homes with large, fenced yards make up most of the properties, as well as a small industrial park tucked up to the north. The area is within walking distance to the Benson Center (Cornwall’s main Sports Complex), Big Ben (Cornwall’s ski area) and a large shopping district with restaurants.

West of Dover Heights, the area is more commonly known simply as Riverdale. Many of the same features of homes, trees, parkland and schools are available. Riverdale Park, which is at the centre of the neighbourhood,  has long been a destination for a quiet day out with the kids as it is shaded, has a great kids play structure and swings, as well as a basketball court and tennis courts for the more active among us. 

Riverdale expands along the waterfront of the old Canal system and has access to the recreational path and a waterfront view from Second Street. The drive home from work involves a scenic view of the canals and the St. Lawrence River and islands. Soccer fields and the Power Dam round out the area to the west, but access to pet-friendly walking trails is quick and easy.

Executive Living
At the north end of Riverdale is a collection of larger homes, with sidewalks and a multitude of cul-de-sac style roads that make up a beautiful new executive home neighbourhood. There are still building lots available and expansion is happening at a slower pace than some areas. The result of slower expansion is that the wooded areas surrounding northern Riverdale remain intact. It is not uncommon to find deer strolling in the wooded area adjacent to these streets.

Area Highlights:

  • Primarily single-family homes
  • Quiet streets and friendly neighbours
  • Easy access to shopping and amenities
  • 2 primary schools
  • 2 kid-friendly parks, basketball and tennis courts
  • Mature trees and street canopy
  • Waterfront activities and soccer fields