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Living In St Andrews West

St Andrew’s West is a quick 5-minute drive north on Highway 138 from Cornwall. A small town of only a few hundred homes, the region includes areas to the East and West for homeowners to experience quiet country living.

The distinct church of St Andrew’s Parish is located at the corner of Highway 138 and Post Road (County Road 18) and can be seen for miles around. A great pub (Quinn’s Inn), a convenience store and a breakfast restaurant are really the only amenities you will find in this town – however, like most of the region, travelling to Cornwall is easy and fast. There is only one school in the area, an English Catholic primary school, so most kids in the area are bused to and from Cornwall to attend school.

St. Andrew’s is the secondary launch site for the Lift Off balloon festival and oftentimes the large park area is filled with hot-air balloons. In winter, the park converts into a small sliding area for local kids to play. Behind the church is an outdoor hockey rink, soccer field and baseball diamond which provides great outdoor fun for kids and adults alike. There is also an outdoor swimming pool located behind the volunteer fire department right in the town’s core. Every spring, St Andrew’s hosts one of Canada’s most famous canoe races; The Great Raisin River Canoe Race, attracting hundreds of competitors and fans.


St. Andrew’s features many different styles of homes from large single family units to hobby farms. In town there are a few new builds (along with some building lots).

To the West, along Post Road, new homes are being built each year, and the subdivision known as Beaver Glen features large executive homes in a beautiful country setting.