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The Long Sault Parkway – Man Made, Naturally Perfect

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The Long Sault Parkway – Man Made, Naturally Perfect

The Long Sault Parkway is a 10km stretch of paradise that winds through 11 islands located between Long Sault and Ingleside, Ontario. 

It is a man-made parkway that was created during the completion of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Dam project and features incredible beaches, scenery, camping and walking trails.

The Parkway is also home to Moulinette Island, the only inhabited island along the island chain that features several prestigious waterfront properties.

Aside from being a scenic, peaceful, rolling 10km drive with causeways, islands and wildlife, the Long Sault Parkway features 3 popular camping grounds, 1 large public beach and several walking trails. It is a great place to spend a summer’s day with the family, and an even better place to spend an entire weekend.

The 3 main campgrounds (Milles Roches, McLaren and Woodlands) feature hundreds of world-class camping spots nestled in among beaches, trees and waterfront for a perfect combination of campground fun for the entire family. At night, the Parkway is a peaceful, quiet sanctuary for camp fires and star-gazing. It is very difficult to find a better area to camp and the parkway draws tourists from Montreal and areas across Ontario.

The roadway was recently resurfaced and as a result, wide smooth bike lanes are situated on both sides of the roadway.  The parkway is a very popular destination for family bike rides, cyclists and runners/joggers a like.

Prefer fishing?
The Long Sault Parkway is home to some world-class fishing on the water and from the many inlets, bays and shores; no boat necessary. A quick tour of the Parkway and you will find people fishing throughout the day from several locations and boats dotted along the islands in the river calmly enjoying the sport.

Milles Roches Beach
One of the jewels of the area, Milles Roches Beach is a public beach with an east-facing beachfront that curves and gently accesses the waterfront for great swimming in a safe and shallow environment. BBQs, picnic tables and mature trees make for the perfect combination for a day at the beach and attracts tourists to the area every beautiful day of the summer. Activities such as paddle boarding and beach volleyball are a constant among beach-goers and the cantine/washroom facility is situated right n the middle of the kilometre-long beachfront.

Woodlands Campground also has a public beach for those that prefer a more quiet setting when sun-tanning and enjoying water sports.

The Long Sault Parkway is truly a great place to wind-down and relax and enjoy the outdoors. It is just another reason why living in the Cornwall area is a great way to live.

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Visit St Lawrence Parks Website for more details and to book some camping.