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Guindon Park – Quiet Nature Paths In Cornwall’s West End

Guindon Park – Quiet Nature Paths In Cornwall’s West End

Tucked away in Cornwall’s north-western section, Guindon Park is a hidden gem of parkland that features walking trails, cross-country ski trails, a bike path, waterfront activities, a boat doc, wooded parkland and a variety of kids play structures.

The park covers almost 500 acres of land along the St. Lawrence River adjacent to the Power Dam’s dykes. The entire park slopes vertically with the walls of the dam until the western-most section of the park that features a small boat doc and launch for quick access to the St. Lawrence River eastward to the Long Sault Parkway, Brockville and the Thousand Islands.

There are 3 distinct sections to the park; The Eastern Entrance, Floral Drive and Trillium Drive.

Eastern Entrance
The eastern section of the park is primarily used for trails and hiking. Lush forests cover a variety of well kept paths of distances from a few hundred meters to several kilometres. Maps are located throughout so you can easily get in touch with nature without needing to bring a compass. Plenty of parking is available and often you will see other people also enjoying a nice, friendly walk in the woods. in the winter, this area serves as the hub for the cross-country ski trails and is also a great spot to start your snowmobile tour of SD&G. Te regions waterfront bicycle path also meanders right across the entrance – so the large parking lot can equally serve as a launch place for a family bike ride.

Floral Drive
A quick turn off Highway 2 results in a large open park area with picnic table, restrooms and access to both the bicycle path and trails. There are a few hidden ponds and spots to sit and enjoy a nice summers day in the shade throughout the Park – but this area really serves to highlight as a rest-stop for cyclists, rollerblading, snowmobiles, drivers and joggers alike.

Trillium Drive
The most westerly entrance is where you will find a large play structure for kids, restrooms, a large parking lot and access to a boat launch and dock. Trillium Drive represents the official entrance into the City of Cornwall from the west. The large play structure is a fan-favourite for children 10 and under, while the mature trees serve as a perfect canopy for parents looking for a little R&R while their children play. There are also several Geocaches hidden in this area of the park which can make for a fun day of exploring for both adults and families alike.

One of the great aspects of living in Cornwall is the parkland available. While Guindon Park is a distinct municipal park, the wooded area and waterfront parkland extends for over 15 kilometres from Cornwall’s downtown, past the old canals, past the power dam all the way to Long Sault uninterrupted by development or homes. It is possible to walk, run or bike for miles in the city while feeling completely free from urban developments. Truly a unique experience reserved for living in Cornwall and the area.

Guindon Park is one of the reasons living in Cornwall can connect you with both the city lifestyle and a country feeling. At 500 acres, the park is the perfect place to lose yourself, relax and stay physically fit – all within the confines of a city. A 10 minute drive from even the most easterly parts of town, Guindon Park is easily accessible all-year round and is maintained in great condition by city staff.