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Living In Long Sault

Long Sault is a small town approximately 10 kilometers west of Cornwall along the banks of the St. Lawrence River with about 1,000 residents. Unlike many towns in Canada, the entire road system and urban landscape was designed by an urban planner. With wide, curving roads and sidewalks throughout, Long Sault was specifically designed as part of the relocation of the Lost Villages when the Power Dam and Seaway project were built in the 1950’s.

Ever since the first homes were moved to Long Sault, the community has been a quiet hub for the rural communities surrounding Cornwall to the west. Now the gateway to the Long Sault Parkway (a beautiful 10km roadway through some 20 islands) and a growing centre of South Stormont County.

Long Sault features a small strip mall, a liquor store, a Tim Horton’s, a bar, a few small restaurants and convenience stores as well as a few industries. As the Long Sault Parkway is a popular destination for camping and beach going in the summertime, the area is equipped for a larger population than actually lives there.

The town itself is developed around a large park with soccer fields, a playground, a baseball diamond and the area is spotted with churches and schools. The entire village is built around the main park area, a sure sign of a town developed with a plan.

Most of the homes in Long Sault are single family units in the $150,000 to $300,000 range. With large lots and sleepy trees throughout, living in Long Sault is the perfect mix of country feel in a small urban setting.

There are 2 subdivisions being built to the west of Long Sault (officially considered Ingleside but part of the Long Sault village) as well as 2 executive home subdivisions (Moulinette Island, Chantine Meadows) located within a 2 minute drive of the village centre. There are also another 2 new home building subdivisions (Chase Meadows and Barnhart Drive) where newer homes are being built with many building lots still available.

Region Highlights:

  • 10 minutes west of Cornwall
  • Riverview community
  • Direct access to The Long Sault Parkway (Camping and Beaches)
  • Highway 401 onramp
  • Parks and greenspace throughout
  • Quiet community with some modern amenities
  • Marina
  • Municipal water and sewer
  • Lower property taxes than Cornwall