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Living In Centre Town

The centre of Cornwall is marked by the historic 1 square mile surrounding the downtown core and features a few distinct living areas namely York Street and Syndey Street. These two streets feature older homes built at the turn of the century that have been very well maintained. The remaining areas in the Centre Town are smaller single family homes that range from $75,000 to $250,000 .

A small cluster of well-maintained, older homes can be found just west of the city’s downtown, allowing homeowners to walk almost everywhere. Within a few blocks from Cornwall’s largest church and restaurants such as Tiny Table – this section of town is a favourite with those wanting the downtown lifestyle and walkable convenience of being centrally located. Although there are families living in this area, it is more common to find larger households in other sections of town.

At the turn of the century, the largest homes in Cornwall were found along Sydney Street and a resurgence has happened in the past 10 years where people have been upgrading the homes while keeping that old-school charm that can only be found in Victorian-era homes. Most of the homes on Sydney Street come with much larger backyards and properties than would normally be associated with downtown-area homes.

One of the common traits of living in Cornwall’s centre-town is how quick it is to walk anywhere you need to be. It is very common for people to work downtown and walk the three blocks or so to get to the office – even in Canada’s winters – allowing many families to get by on 1 vehicle instead of 2. Access to Cornwall’s waterfront is also only a few blocks away, making this a great place to live if downtown living is what you are looking for.